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Ernst Wally 
Cathedral-Organist at St. Stephen's

Ernst Wally was born in Vienna in 1976. He studied organ at the diocesanconservatory of Vienna under Franz Falter. Then he entered the Vienna University of Music, where he studied organ under Michael Radulescu.

He also studied composition at the same institution, his teachers in this case, being Dieter Schermann and Michael Jarrell, and also took courses in composition at the “Conservatoire Nationale de Musique et de Danse de Paris” under Frederique Durieux.

For many years Ernst Wally always carried out his duties as a liturgical organist, in 2007, he became “Musical assistant” at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the city until 2010 when he was promoted to full-time organist there. In 2016 Ernst Wally was appointed Cathedral Organist at St. Stephen's.

He also played orchestral parts with the Radio Symphony Orchestra of Vienna, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the Tonkuenstler Orchestra and was engaged by the famous „Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien“ (Society of Friends of the music in Vienna)

Ernst Wally has given numerous concerts all over Europe and overseas.

He has also been commissioned to write music a. o. for the festival "Carinthischer Sommer.